Top Karaoke Venues

Face it, we all love to sing. If it’s singing in the shower, while cooking, in the car, by yourself or with friends. We all do it. But there are a few of us, that will do it in front of a crowd.

Take a look at the Top Karaoke Venues we found.

Bricktown Bistro & Raw Bar

Every  Friday Night at 9pm.

Bringing the Coast Inland.
Columbia’s best raw bar and bistro.

4561 Hard Scrabble Rd. Columbia, SC(803) 865-8787


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Post Call

Every Tuesday Night at 8pm

This a place where you can relax with families, friends and neighbors.

5 Lake Carolina Way Suite 100. Columbia SC

(803) 851-6138

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Art Bar

Every Wednesday Night at 9pm

The cool place to be in famously hot colatown.
1211 Park St. Columbia, SC
(803) 929-0198

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Ale House

Every Thrusday Night at 9pm

My bar, your bar, our bar
12 Tommy Cir. Columbia, SC
(803) 771-0161

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Friends Club

Every Friday Night at 9pm

Come enjoy our cozy club!

2768 Decker Blvd. Columbia, SC

(803) 699-9660

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So what type of Karaoke singer are you?

1. The Diva: It’s all about you and your fans. You get all dressed up, you’re the first to sign up, and you’re the last to leave. You’re the Star Baby.
2. The Showoff: Yes you have a great voice, and you want absolutely everyone to know it.
3. The Broken Heart: You’ve been lied to, cheated and mistreated. You make sure you pick every achy breaky, lost that loving feeling song you can find.
4. In Love: IM IN LOVE! You sing your love to the rooftop, you hug everyone while you sing, and you want everyone to sing and be happy with you.
5. The Annoyed Friend: You’ve been watching your friends and everyone else sing and have a good time. And gosh darn, your tired of just sitting there. Fine, Fine, Ill sing…