What is Moonshine?

We headed up to the mountains and talked to Ed Land of Chattooga Belle Farms to find out how he makes his moonshine, and what exactly it is!

While touring the Chattooga Belle Farm’s back door distillery we asked Mr. Land what exactly makes ‘shine different from any other whiskey or liquor.

The answer he gave, short and simple….
“The difference between moonshine and most liquors is how much you pay the government”

Now we know Ed pays his share of taxes, so the entire answer is a little more in depth.

Moonshine will always be raw and unaged, fresh off the still.

Moonshine will have a high alcohol content; Ed’s Musca Shine comes in at 43% alcohol by volume.

Bourbon and rye whiskeys are usually aged around 2 years, ‘shine is always unaged.

Mountain dew, white lightnin’, hooch or ‘shine, whatever you call it, moonshine is a liquor steeped in American tradition.

One fiery sip may just take you back to the early days of prohibition, where mountain men ran their stills by the light of the moon and fed the thirst of Americans nation-wide.

Give Ed’s ‘shine a taste at Chattooga Belle Farm next time you find yourself in the upstate!