Yes, the Fresh Market still plans to open in Lexington

Boarded windows are never a good sign, are they? Well, that’s not the case in Lexington where a new Fresh Market with boarded up windows are perpetuating a rumor that the grocery store will never open.

According to Jennifer Dowden, the Town’s Events and Media Coordinator,  the company has submitted plans to the Town. They are anticipating opening in Spring 2018, but a permit has not yet been issued.

Dowden said that corporate goes at their pace and they will come to the town and get a permit when they want to proceed further.  She says if they were to decide they weren’t opening, the company would notify the town and the plans would be tossed, however she says that has not happened.

We have also reached out to Fresh Market’s corporate offices for clarity, and they released a statement saying: “In order to provide more flexibility in developing the company’s long-term growth strategy, The Fresh Market has re-evaluated the timing of its new store opening announcements. The Fresh Market is continuously reviewing its investment priorities, which often results in shifting opening dates.  As such, the company does not plan on projecting or speculating on specific store opening timing prior to construction start.”